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LED Headlights

On and off road

$58.- /pc ($106.- /set of 2)

(Free shipping)

($106.- /set of 2)

(free shipping)

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Model:UP-T02-3X4W (including bracket)
Vlotage:6-20V  ;Input voltage:12V
Drive Current:300mA
Size: 2.5ö x D2.5ö

LED lights with Strobe Controller kit (New Product)


LED lights with Strobe Controller kit (including the harness, switch and two LED's - easy install)


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internet phone service

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Dear pini,

Easy to install and are great for daytime lights. Don't shine very far for night driving, but are noticable. Wuold recommend them for any motorcycle. Thank you.

- tazlike6

































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